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If any one is looking for a great central fishing club with all the trimmings we will be excepting new members for our 2012 season from February

Things you mite like to know about us.

Based in Prestatyn on the lovely North Wales coast, the sailing club was formed over 30 years ago on land leased from the local authority. The club itself, with its own compound was built and created by its members, who continue to remain dedicated and active in repair, maintenance and improvement.

This means we can continue to operate and provide a top
Amenity for a range of water enthusiasts who live both locally and in surrounding areas
Which include Anglesey, Merseyside, Chester, Warrington and as far as the midlands.

We have 3 large and modern four wheeled drive tractors which enable us to launch and retrieve our craft at virtually any state of the tide

The present membership consists of power and fishing boats, some sailing enthusiasts, jet skis and a ever increasing social membership who just enjoy the surroundings and club amenities.

We try to carefully control our ratios of the various watercraft and all water members have to show a proven comprehensive insurance for the craft they operate.

We are unable to launch or recover craft over 20ft in length, we also can not except commercial craft due to restrictions placed on the club by its members.
We have access to a local under cover storage yard approx 10 minutes from the club house this is priced at a special rate per month for our members if required.
Our financial year begins on January 1st and applications for new memberships are independently considered during February.

As previously stated, our overall membership levels are carefully controlled to enable the
club to handle craft quickly and efficiently on lovely summer days and the various days during the year when we have fishing fun days etc.

We are a growing club and will welcome new members with open arms with over 170 members in the 2011 season its a very friendly atmosphere all year round

Also we offer a day launch ticket at £20 (2012 season) for an assisted tractor launch and retrieve
good way to see if the club is what you are looking for, if your membership form is put in on the day we will take the launch fee into consideration when you join the club

meeting last friday of the month from 7-30pm
drop me an email if you are interested in joining us for the 2012 season

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