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  • mike aldred
    28 Dec 2017

    Hi Geoff,
    Mike Aldred here, I was a member of the club for a season in 2015 (silver van with 4m white/blue rib called Tarca).
    I sold the boat at the end of that season due to work pressure (in London a lot), but now due to a career change i am incredibly keen to re-join the club with my now 11 year old son and wondered whether there was any policy on previous members?
    I am also on the look out for a 17ft warrior/predator or similar if you happen to know anyone with one to sell.

    Hope you are well.



    • Geoff Taylor
      07 Jan 2018

      Hi Mike

      if you can attend the club after or on the 23rd Feb we can sought out membership
      few boats around one of our older members is looking at selling his a new Endeavour 160
      fitted with a 60hp Mercury again as new 2 year old I think its got everything on it GPS Radio Light etc
      give him a call think he is looking at the 12k range mate Phil Taylor 0780 1987774

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