Isle Of Man 2011

The best start to this is the end from all of us who made the trip we would like to say a massive thanks to the whole team from Mannin Angling club for their support with your boat fishing festival, just to name a few Tony, Cam, Jamie, john and Beryl a massive thanks from us for making us feel so welcome.

We arrived at Heysham to be met by a big boat
After a trip thru customs and a quick check of the boats we were allocated a slot to board

and on we went the sea looked spot on as we set out

As we came out of Morecombe bay and past the forest of wind mills 
We just chugged along at 17 knots it was a long journey (well worth it in the end)
We arrived after 3 ½ hours on the Isle of Man 
to be met by Tony and Cam with already meeting Jamie on the boat and promising us some good marks all looked good.

Tony and Cam had arranged a great camping spot with toilets and showers set up for us it just got better
A quick pitch of the tents and we then met John and Beryl who had arranged a parking spot for the boats next to the harbour masters office 
Rite next to the ramp as well which was spot on with in minutes the local guys from the queeny factory popped over and offered us ice if required

We had agreed to have a spot checking day on Saturday just to feel our way round we were met by cam on the slip at 830 with some local marks from Jamie we just mentioned we would like to try for some Pollock, Ling, Cod and wrasse
So we were given 4 marks to start of first was about 2 miles from the slip for live bait it’s the local sand bank just 120 foot of water on top of it and true to there word we had a good 40 eels within 30 mins
So headed of to the first mark for Pollock, Cod & Cuckoo wrasse it had on the paper and first drop produced just that with open jaws cJay just looked amazed

It was non stop for over 2 hours at this mark with tipped feathers with sand eel and good old Black Lug from Prestatyn
The Cuckoo Wrasse were small but great fun and plenty of them
coddling averaged around 1 pound to 1 ½ with the odd 3 pound thrown in just lots nd lots of them.
The Wrasse were playing as well and put up a great fight 

We fished in around 140 foot of water with sand eel or baited feathers

So we moved to the second mark to try for what was promised a good mark for ling John was in before the engine was turned of and had a fish straight away

and true to Jamie’s and Cams word it was a ling in all with in 45 mins we landed over 20 ling and few Pollock

Alan and his crew were very busy as well

We moved in on the last mark for some common wrasse and again we were hit hard each time with john landing a good 4 pound 
Once again it was non stop
We landed back at the slip

Just after 5pm and it was one hell of a first day and it got better sadly I ran out of battery power on the camera
But it has to be fair to say it was some fantastic fishing with great company and lots of crack was had by all
Great to use that box or artificial lures to fish with and catch watch Pollock chase the artificial from 20 foot of water to the surface
I would say over the 3 days of fishing we landed over 200 fish between us with Mr Clark getting 14 dogs in 1 hour to wipe the smile of jackos face it was great fun
We will be back and I can only recommend any one to pop over next year it will be the best week of fishing you would have had in a long time good sheltered fishing which is great when you plan a trip like this so you can get out we were out in 20 MPH wind plus and just headed for shelter behind the rock face
Again thanks to all an manning angling club

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