Minutes of Committee Meeting 27th August 2010

Prestatyn Sailing Club

Minutes of Committee Meeting.
Friday 27th August 2010
At 19.30 hrs

Chair. G. Taylor. Commodore

Minutes. D. Dobson. Committee

Committee. S. Franklin. R. Twiss. J. Clarke. D. Dobson.
J. Moss. R.Gill. M.Banham.

Apologies S.Hodson.

Closed meeting 19.30hrs

Open meeting 20.15hrs


The meeting was opened by Geoff who thanked all for attending and all present were given a copy of the agenda for the August meeting. There was the usual good turnout for the meeting.

Geoff went through the minutes of last meeting all agreed there was nothing identified.

New radios in the tractors have now been wired up and are running many thanks John C. Please ensure you turn the radios off after use as they will obviously run the batteries down.

Window grills will be fitted shortly in approximately a week at present being galvanised.

New toilets have now been put in place can we thank Len for this and Jamie for helping also.

Tractors will be taken away one by one for re spraying and general maintenance, we need to look after what we have got; Geoff will be dealing with this he will also be looking for roof (monoflex) for container as a temporary roofing option, a sort of tarpaulin for work to take place on machinery.

To all members please do not use the JCB as at present it is out of action we need that to be looked at by electrician.



Steve discussed the water rates of which we have had a rebate on £180 as we have been overcharged.
The line phone line switch over from B.T. to Unicom will save the club an average of £96 per annum.

Vice Commodore.

Roger was asked about membership levels which are now at 153, and could he possible audit past number of members throughout the year of which Roger has agreed to do.
It was also agreed that when Roger sends out the application forms for next years memberships it will include a request for each persons boat insurance details. This will be mandatory and memberships will not be valid without this document.

Rear commodores.

Tractor training John C this will be as and when and will be put up on the board for all to see, this is an ongoing training awareness for all members new and existing.

Ron was asked about the painting of the wooden fence around the club but due to continual bad weather this has had to be postponed until the weather improves.

All were asked about volunteers for the imminent fun day this Sunday coming as help as always is needed, quite a number of people will be turning up to help with boats etc, however again the weather has not been kind and the forcast does not look too good.
Simon sent his apologies due to unforeseen circumstances and assured all that he was on track for the fun day liaising with Mark at MES.

Any Other Business from the floor.

Bill W asked if there were any radio courses booked in the near future Geoff replied that he has tried on several occasions to contact the person whom deals with these unsuccessfully due to him being away on training, however due to the need and the requests for this he will keep trying to contact him. We can possibly book these courses out of season and we can use the club for these training sessions, looking at around March time.

Geoff mentioned that the A.G.M was due and if any persons wanted to apply for a position on the committee the notice will be going up in due time.

New members were welcomed in at this stage and Geoff spoke to each one regarding the clubs rules and regulations and any questions answered.

All were invited to offer any concerns or issues, no issues at this meeting.

Meeting Concluded at 20.45 hrs. All were thanked for attending August’s meeting.

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