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Rhyl Sea Fishing Trips

Supreme operates from Rhyl all year round.

If you are a serious boat angler or just a novice requiring a days fishing, then the Supreme is the boat to book, whether your a club or individual then give us a call.


We Cater for sightseeing trips along the north wales coast and out to the local windfarm, survey work, crew transfers light cargo work, film work.

We do take several Corporate Fishing Trips. You wouldn’t think it but its very productive for all involved. A day out at sea within the tranquil surroundings of North Wales provide a restful environment to talk shop, yet still enjoy a good day out. Corporate fishing days can be arranged just call with requirements.

We also do light cargo and survey work. Call for details and prices.

What do we catch off Rhyl?

Dabs, Whitings, Mackerel, Plaice, Smoothhounds, Tope, Thornback Ray, Lesser Spotted Dogfish (LSD), Greater Spotted Dogfish (HUSS), Tub Gurnard, Grey Gurnard, Red Gurnard, Herring, Bass, Scad, Pollack, Poorcod,

All of the above are the most common fish caught with the exception of the tope and smoothhound, which are sporting fish and returned. They all make very good eating.

Some of the other species caught off Rhyl during the summer, but not in any massive numbers are: Turbot, Brill, Flounder, John Dory, Conger, Ling, Ballan Wrasse, Goldsinny Wrasse, Black Bream, Weavers, Launce, Tompot Blennies, Dragonets, Sea Scorpions.

If you count the number of species available, its a match mans dream!

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